Welcome to InvaCoin

We power a Ubiq-based digital currency that bridges the gap between strategic investments  cryptocurrencies.

What is InvaCoin?

InvaCoin is an open, decentralized investment portfolio platform that automatically rewards all investors from buying back it’s own currency by generated invested profits.

Decentralized Investments

  • Our open environment investments enables investors to access a synopsis of current and previous investments.
  • The ability to vote on and fund future cryptocurrency investment opportunities (which may contain exposure.) Opportunities as such will have InvaCoin share classes of it’s own and won’t fall onto this currency.

Digital Ecosystem

  • Coins can only be purchased exclusively through our site during the crowdsale. They’ll then be available for sale again from other investors through online marketplaces in early 2018.
  • Coins listed for sale by investors on marketplaces will be bought back quarterly from inherited profits from investments.

August 1st

Inception of InvaCoin

November 1st

Phase 1 of Sales

December 1st

Phase 2 of Sales

January 1st

Phase 3 of Sales

March 1st

Marketplace Availability: InvaCoin Listed on Poloniex and Other Exchanges

01. Build a Portfolio in Minutes

Having to worry about keeping a diverse portfolio is a thing of the past with InvaCoin! Just by obtaining our cryptocurrency, we keep a diverse portfolio for you. 100% of all purchases are invested into currencies that are slated to grow more than any stock-based investment.

02. Growing and Automated

Cryptocurrency-based investments are growing at a rate that has never been seen before which poses risks and creates volatility. However, we’ve created a methodology to minimize risk and optimize the upside potential. All this goes without saying that the majority of our operations are automated and know when to buy or sell.

03. Investments Made Easy

Investing in digital assets can be feat of it’s own and we don’t think it should be one bit. That’s why we accept a lot more than just Bitcoin for payment. You can checkout using your Visa, Mastercard, American Express and even Discover. (Terms and conditions apply.)