InvaCoin (Phase 2)


The second iteration of the Ubiq-backed token, Invacoin.

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Phase 1
$300/coinInitial Phase for InvaCoin

1250 Coins Available

Best Value
Current Offer
Phase 2
$450/coinSecond Phase for InvaCoin

2500 Coins Available

Great Value
Phase 3
$600/coinFinal Phase for InvaCoin

5000 Coins Available

Good Value

By Contributing to InvaCoin, contributors accept the following facts:

  • The following terms are final, Please read the Terms & Conditions.
  • Funds are managed by the InvaCoin smart contract.
  • Escrow: All Funds are managed by the InvaCoin Financial and escrowed by a multi-signature wallet. The escrow agent is Andrew Koski.
  • Claiming: InvaCoin automatically deposits into your Ubiq wallet.
  • Allocation: The IC allocation will only begin after the official Token Crowd-Sale has been closed. (February 1st, 12PM UTC).
  • All Transactions are non-refundable.